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EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit

The EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit includes EVDiag Box and adapters for specific electric vehicles to perform battery pack analysis

  • EV Diagnostic Upgrade Kit: The EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit includes EVDiag Box and adapters for specific electric vehicles to perform battery pack analysis. The EVDiag Box is compatible with the MaxiSys Ultra, MaxiSys MS919, and MaxiSys MS909 tablets. EVDiag Box connects to MaxiFlash VCI or VCMI.
  • HV System Diagnostics: To get the EVDiag Box operational with Autel Ultra/MS919/MS909, you gain full diagnostic capabilities for EV high-voltage systems. This upgraded scanner enables you to read and clear codes on HV systems, conduct HV parts replacements, and generate HV system diagnostic reports. Equipped with detailed system block diagrams, and graphic instructions, it stands out as the ultimate diagnostic tool for new energy automotive applications.
  • Battery Pack Diagnostics: The combination of Autel EVDiag Box with Ultra/MS919/MS909 allows comprehensive EV battery pack diagnostics. Utilizing OBD, adapters, or jumper cables, it directly gathers essential battery pack information such as SOC, SOH, Voltage, Current, Temperature, and more. Additionally, it offers professional repair tips and maintenance advice. Periodic battery pack diagnostics help monitor its condition, health, and capacity, enabling early identification of potential issues before they escalate.
  • Extensive Vehicle Coverage: The Autel EVDiag Box is an ideal complement for owners of Autel Ultra series products aiming to enter the new energy diagnostic and service market. Compatible with 99% of U.S., European, and Asian electric, gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles, it enhances diagnostic capabilities across a wide range of vehicles.
  • Full Package of Adapters:The Autel EV Kit includes a comprehensive set of battery adapters and connectors, eliminating the need for additional accessories to communicate with vehicle batteries and perform EV diagnostics.

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  • Autel Tools Add Electric Vehicle Capabilities with the EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit

EVDiag Box & Adapters for Battery Pack Diagnostics

  • Includes EVDiag Box, Adapters for BMW, Tesla, VW and Breakout Leads
  • Includes Carrying Case
  • Compatible with Ultra series products to perform Battery Pack diagnostics
  • State of Charge and State of Health analysis for true battery condition

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